UNAM Civic Innovation Lab is a grassroots alliance of faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners interested in Civic Tech research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Faculty and Lecturers

Alfonso Noé Martínez

on Facebok.

Dirctor Creando Espacios where he mixing Tech and Policy to innovate in Governments.

Saiph Savage

Research Professor in Computer Science researching civic technology to transform work and political disinformation.

Norma Elva Chávez

UNAM Professor in Computer Engineering, mixing robots and civic technology to create better societies.

Alejandro Garcia

on Twitter.

Director of UNAM Mobile where he develops mobile applications for governments and teaches students how to build related startups.

Rafael Morales

on Twitter.

Professor and researcher in UNAM's School of Political Science where he studies disinformation in elections.

Sergio Rajsbaum


Professor and researcher in UNAM's Mathematics Institute where he uses mathematical complexity theory to study Blockchain systems.

Daniel Valdez

on Facebook.

Lecturer and Researcher in UNAM's School of Letters. Daniel studies and creates civic media, in the form of documentaries, to engage more citizens to fight social justice.

Silvia Matus

on Twitter.

Lecturer in UNAM's Bussiness School and researcher of money laundering in Government.

José Agustín Breña

UNAM Professor and Researcher in Civil Engineering focused on Hydraulics. He develops novel decentralized technology to help governments better manage how water is distributed in cities and countries.

Graduate Student Researchers

Claudia Flores-Saviaga

on Twitter.

PhD student working
on Political Disinformation.

Carlos Toxtli

on Twitter.

PhD Student in Computer Science, Senior Bot Developer, HCI Researcher, Data Scientist, #AI #ML #CivicTech #VR #IoT, PhD in CS, Master in Innovation, Entrepreneur carlostoxtli.com

Kristy Milland

on Twitter.

Law researcher,
transforming the future of crowd labor through policies and civic innovation.

Eloisa Cadenas

on Facebook.

UNAM PhD student in Finance Engineering,
Econometric and Valuation Projects.
Doing research on cryptoassets

Everardo J Barojas M

on Twitter

PhD student in UNAM's Business school. Currently CEO and founder of a startup, Prescrypto, that uses Blockchain to track medical prescriptions for Governments.

Senior Researchers

Alberto Garcia

on LinkedIn.

UNAM Researcher, and founder of Andia: startup that uses Blockchain to store people's identity. Currently used by law enforcement in Denver and collaborates with local US governments.

Liliana Savage

on Facebook.

Civic Tech UX Researcher.

Amy Ruckes

on Twitter.

Researching Disinformation in Distribuited Computing.

Undergraduate and High School Researchers

Caroline Anderson

on Twitter.

High School researcher. Enthusiast of many things but for now, especially Crypto.

Andrea Gómez

on Twitter.

Undergraduate researcher, combining Civic Technology with Distribuited Computing and Go!

Jeerel Herrejón

on Facebook.

Undergraduate researcher, combining Civic Technology with crowdsourcing

César Tavo

on Twitter.

Undergraduate Researcher in Computer Science working on interfaces for Civic technology.